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Educated in Spain and the U.S. and fully fluent in Spanish, our firm's founding lawyer, Kimberly S. Spagui, The Spagui Law Firmprovides personalized service to each of our clients needing help with immigration issues. We help clients from throughout the state of Illinois, and worldwide.

In working with our clients, we draw on more than a decade of experience with the immigration system. We understand how that system works with respect to a wide variety of family immigration needs, including:

  • Deportation defense
  • Waivers
  • Green cards
  • Citizenship
  • Guardianships

Get The Personalized Attention You Want In An Immigration Case

When you are involved in an immigration case, more is at stake than the law. We know your family's future is at stake.

For that reason, we provide you with an attorney you speak to one-on-one whether your primary language is English or Spanish. Many of our Spanish-speaking clients rest easier, knowing they can speak directly with our firm's attorney and nothing is lost in translation.

They also rest easier knowing our firm has significant experience with how the immigration system works. Particularly today, when the immigration system involves so much uncertainty, having an experienced guide becomes especially important. Whether the law is uncertain, still developing or complicated (or all of the above), we can advise you intelligently about your options and how to move forward wisely.

Our focus on family-based immigration also lends itself to assisting those clients involved in international adoptions. Because we work regularly with international laws and with immigration, you can depend on us to help you understand how those laws overlap and where special challenges need to be addressed.

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