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Government accused of illegal deportation attempt of 10 year-old

Border Patrol Agents recently stopped a medical transport vehicle transporting a young girl to a hospital for surgery to question the occupants’ citizenship. Although those charged with her transportation stated 10 year-olds do not carry identification, the agents decided to conduct a more thorough investigation.

The agents detained the medical transport vehicle for almost half an hour and stated that they would follow the vehicle and begin deportation proceedings for the child once the surgery was complete. 

Reviewing recent green card statistics

For most US immigrants, acquiring a green card is a major step. The permanent residence card gives greater flexibility and reduces the fear of deportation. Each year, the US government awards a set number to applicants across the country.

While many new arrivals can get a green card, data from the Department of Homeland Security says that over half of the green cards issued go to those already in the country. The report reviews the years 2004 to 2015, finding that, in recent years, distribution of resident cards has been close to an even split between new arrivals and those who were already in the country but changed their status.

Will Illinois become a sanctuary state?

Governor Bruce Rauner is considering signing the Illinois Trust Act. This legislation is aimed at protecting undocumented immigrants in Illinois.

The Trust Act was passed by both chambers of the Illinois legislature last May. If enacted, Illinois would become what is commonly referred to as a “sanctuary state.” This means that federal agents will generally need a warrant before detaining any undocumented immigrants.

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